About the Institute

The Institute for Scientific Research and Development is a scientific institution and in terms of structure and management is organized as below:

Its Research Group is composed of four persons with high academic degree and research experience:

1. Director – Professor Doctor of Economic Sciences;
2. Researcher – Doctor of Human Sciences;
3. Researcher – Doctor in Machinery;
4. Researcher – Master in Economics
5. Researcher – Master in Bio-Chemistry

The Institute for Scientific Research and Development was established in 2012, in Ulcinj. Initially a group of intellectuals and scholars from Ulcinj started the establishment with the support of Novi Sad scientists. Legally known as a Judicial Person, it has been established as a joint-stock company that is open to all researchers, especially from Ulcinj, creating the premise for faster growth and development of its municipality, as well as for the region. Many young people from Ulcinj will be able to improve in their community and with less cost than moving to larger cities of their country or beyond.

The main goal of the Institute is to strengthen training and scientific research in social fields. The Institute is mainly following business economic researches (business enterprises) and is focused in some main areas such as:

  • Economics
  • Law
  • Mathematics, statistics and information sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Training and retraining of staff in economy
  • Fields of publishing activity and librarianship
  • Computer Sciences (IT)

The program of this Institute is strengthening the scientific researches, contributing to a faster development of the Ulcinj municipality, bringing additional income, developing cooperation with other institutions and allowing faster transfer of knowledge and technology. Its funding sources are national and international. They come from the conferences and publishing’s they realize.

Some of their main publications are as below:

  • The Scientific Bulletin Volume 1, ISSN 1800-9794, Shkodër “ROZAFA”, 2013, 595 pages;
  • The Scientific Bulletin Volume 2, ISSN 1800-9794, Shkodër “ROZAFA”, 2013, 608 pages;
  • The agenda of the fifth (V) international scientific conference “Investment in the function of economic development and
    integration process”, 2013;
  • The agenda of the first international scientific conference “Tourism in function of economic development and processes of integration”, 2013.


Prof. Dr. Elez Osmanoviq
e-mail: elez_osmani@hotmail.com
Phone: +382-69265707, +382-30412187
Web site of the Institute: www.ekonomskiinstitut.com