Activity of the Institute

Private scientific research institution – “Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj”


Article 1

This statute regulates: name and seat, activity and business of the Private Scientific Research Institution – “” (hereinafter: The Institute), powers of the Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj and the manner of decision-making of its bodies, rights and obligations of employees, manner of publicity, financing, as well as other issues of importance for the work of the Institute.

 Article 2

The institute is a non-profit institution

The institute is autonomous in performing its activities, which include scientific research.

The activity of the Institute is based on the freedom of scientific research and creativity, on openness to the public, on cooperation and partnership of employees at the Institute, on the principles, ethics and responsibility of scientists and researchers and reaching international standards in scientific research.

Article 3

In order to increase the efficiency of scientific research, application and use of scientific results, achieving European / international research and scientific standards, the Institute is committed to establishing cooperation with other scientific research institutions, economic entities, on the implementation of programs and projects, inclusion in the European Research Area and EU Framework Programs. for scientific research and other international programs and projects.

Article 4

Executive Director and Founder of the “Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj” elects sepROF. Dr. Osmanović Elez Lk. No. 413441469, MB 1006954223029.

Article 5

The mission of the Institute is to:

creates conditions for the organization and improvement of basic, applied and developmental research in the field of information and communication technologies in order to develop theoretical and practical knowledge and application of scientific results in practice;

strives to reach international standards of science and research, with special emphasis on creating conditions for the mobility of scientific and research staff;

connects with domestic, regional and international scientific research institutions and organizations in order to accept positive experiences within the activities of the Institute;

strives for continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of scientific research work within the activities of the Institute;

as a socially responsible entity, be intensively involved in the economic development of Montenegro and contribute to its integration into European and Euro-Atlantic integration;

to position itself as a leading national scientific research institution in the field of information and communication technologies and in other areas that the Institute will develop.

 Article 7

The Institute was established as a private scientific research institution with its headquarters in Ulcinj, Kosovska bb Street, for an indefinite period of time.

The address of the Institute to which official letters are sent is Ulcinj Ulica ,, Kosovska bb, Pinješ.

Article 8

The Institute may, at the decision of the Founder, change the company, registered office, and legal address.

Article 9

The name of the Institute in the mother tongue is: Private scientific research institution – “Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj” in Albanian Instituti per kerkime shkencore dhe zhillim Ulqin.

The abbreviated name of the Institute is, INI,,.

Article 10

The name of the Institute in English is: Private scientific research institutions „Institute for scientific research and development Ulcinj.

Article 11

The activity of the Institution is:

  1. Basic research in the field;

– Economics, sociology, technology, education and development.

  1. Development research in the field of:

– Tourism, agriculture, infrastructure of the city of Ulcinj, the region, etc ..

– Training and advanced training of personnel for the needs of the Republic of Montenegro from

areas; bankruptcy, expertise, customs, communal police, communal managers, etc.

  1. Applied research in the field of:

– Development of large, medium and small enterprises

– Social employment (social management)

– Retraining of workers, etc.

– Development of business plans for the use of European incentive funds.

  1. Organizing seminars, professional and scientific gatherings, presentations, etc.
  2. Staff training through online and other systems.


In addition to its core business, the Institute may also perform the following activities:

Publishing of books

58.14 Publishing of journals and periodicals

58.19 Other publishing

58.29 Other software publishing

62.01 Computer programming

62.02 Information technology consultancy activities

62.03 Computer equipment management

62.09 Other information technology services

63.11 Data processing, hosting applications and providing application services, etc.

63.12 Service websites (web portal)

68.31 Real estate agencies

69.10 Legal affairs

71.12 Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

72.20 Research and development in social sciences and humanities

73.20 Market research and public opinion polling

74.10 Specialized design activities

74.90 Other professional, scientific and technical activities

70.10 Business entity management

70.22 Business and other management consultancy activities

71.20 Technical analysis test

72.11 Research and experimental development on biotechnology

72.19 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

72.20 Research and development in social sciences and humanities

73.11 activity of advertising agencies

Other professional and technical activities

78.20 Activities of temporary employment agencies

78.30 Other human resources provision

79.90 Other reservation service and related activities

85.20 Primary education

85.31 Secondary general education

85.32 secondary vocational and technical education

85.41 Post-secondary education, which is not higher

85.42 Higher education

85.59 Other education

85.60 Educational activities

89.20 Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities and tax consultancy

91.01 Library and archives activities

  1. Activities of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities

Performs other tasks related to the listed areas.

Organizing educational trainings and workshops for children and youth, Organizing various forms of non-formal education for young people, as well as developing a culture of lifelong learning

Article 12

The institute has its own seal and stamp.

The Institute may have its own logo and other symbols and features, which will be decided by a special act.

Article 13

The seal of the Institute is round in shape.

The text of the following content is written on the edge of the seal: “Private scientific research institution Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj”, and in the middle Ulcinj.

The stamp of the Institute is rectangular in shape, of the usual size, on the upper edge of which the text is written: “Private Scientific Research Institute for Scientific Research and Development Ulcinj”, below it is marked “Number” with a hyphen, and below the number is written “Make “______ 20 __.”.